NCMS Member Launches Online Communication and Marketing Solutions for Physicians and Patients

OnPulse-BlogOnPulse, a health care communications company founded by NCMS member Corey Booker, MD, has announced the launch of an online communications environment. OnPulse offers a single, easy to use online environment where health care professionals can communicate securely with other physicians and patients.

Through OnPulse, physicians can exchange educational resources, create connected health teams to coordinate care, grow their practice through referrals, and increase visibility. Improved communication and collaboration has been shown to increase healthy outcomes. In addition, recent surveys show that health care consumers prefer online access to physicians and educational resources.

“As a health care provider, I have experienced firsthand the communication gaps that occur among physicians and their patients,” said Dr. Booker. “OnPulse is designed to prevent these gaps by capturing and tracking all relevant communication. Better collaboration and communication in the health care community means reduced costs and a renewed focus on delivering high quality care.”

Sign up today for a free account at . Questions can be directed to Louise Bannon, OnPulse Communications Specialist, at [email protected].


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