NCMS Receives Grant from The Physicians Foundation to help NCMS Leadership College

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) Foundation has received a $75,000 grant from The Physicians Foundation to develop the infrastructure of the Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership, which will serve as the umbrella organization for our existing NCMS Leadership College. The grant will also fund two new educational tracks for physicians in North Carolina, a pilot curriculum for one new track and develop a technology platform to follow leaders and evaluate their impact over time.

The Kanof Institute for Physician Leadership will grow a statewide network of physician leaders who have successfully completed intensive, practical and relevant professional development coursework that will better prepare them to be leaders in the emerging healthcare system. The Institute will include three educational tracks: leadership fundamentals, clinical quality and healthcare management. Effective decision-making and the ability to influence systems change are at the heart of each track.

By developing the curriculum for the three tracks with the practicing physician as the target audience and incorporating a project as a key learning tool, this grant will advance the work of practicing physicians and facilitate the delivery of effective and efficient healthcare to patients.


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