NCMS to Assist Moore County Medical Society

With the help of Emily Deese, NCMS Director of Member Services,  as well as Moore county physicians and  NCMS members Phil Mondi, MD and Michael Soboeiro, MD, the Moore County Medical Society is on its way to getting a fresh start. Dr. Soboeiro had practiced medicine in Wilmington earlier in his career and saw the benefits of an active county medical society.

The Moore County Medical Society has been inactive for the last 12 years. On October 11, 2012, a meeting was held that established a core group of Moore County physicians and other parties who are interested in getting the Moore County Medical Society up and running again.  Steve Keene, General Counsel for NCMS, spoke on valuable tort reform and important issues facing all North Carolina physicians. He underlined the importance of a county medical society to being engaged and active in healthcare legislation and issues. 

The NCMS is interested in reviving struggling county medical societies.  More than ever, the state of healthcare in North Carolina requires that the medical profession work together to protect their patients and their profession.  

The project is in its starting phases, but the NCMS hopes that through hard work and determination the Moore County Medical Society will be back on its feet soon.  If you are a Moore county clinician and have an interest in becoming involved, please contact Emily Deese at [email protected].


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