NCMS Wants to Hear From You and Your Patients About Excellent Care

For the first time in 15 years, the North Carolina General Assembly is considering major reforms to the tort system, including many changes that specifically target medical malpractice litigation. The NC House Select Committee on Tort Reform is holding weekly meetings to discuss these critical issues. The plaintiffs’ lawyers have launched an aggressive assault to stop meaningful reform. The NCMS is working diligently with legislative leaders to push for the enactment of medical liability reform for North Carolina. Watch the Bulletin each week as the NCMS reports on the legislation and tracks its progress.

At the NCMS, we are seeking information from physicians about their personal experiences regarding medical malpractice legislation, both positive and negative. And, we are seeking patients who are willing to be interviewed about the excellent care they received from you or your colleagues.  If you have an experience to share, please email your contact information to us at [email protected]. All responses are confidential until we contact you and mutually agree to share your story.


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