NCTracks ICD-10 Update

In response to questions from practices across the state, the NC Tracks team has supplied the following updates:

Testing: Many of you want to test your claims with ICD-10 codes in NCTracks.  We will be doing provider testing in the spring. We will be testing with a limited number of providers representing all provider types, from hospitals to billing clearinghouses to nursing homes.  If you would like to participate in provider testing, let us know by replying to [email protected].  If we need more testing with your type of healthcare practice, we will contact you.

Coding: Many wanted to know what specific ICD-10 codes they need for their particular specialty. Always a good place to start for anything ICD-10 is with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services website.

From now until ICD-10 goes live in October next year, you can send ICD-10 questions and comments to [email protected]. You will get an answer personally, and NCTracks will get an idea of the kinds of information you need. The best will be shared with everyone.

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The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) also has resources to help you prepare for ICD-10 as part of our InReach, online CME courses. Browse the catalogue and sign up today!


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