New BCBSNC Hotline Opened for Physicians

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina (BCBSNC) is launching a Physician Hotline for physicians and their practices to call when faced with ongoing problems related to billing, claims, coverage determinations, credentialing, and other issues that aren’t getting resolved.  The Hotline is designed to offer physicians an additional option when the usual troubleshooting resources have not yielded results.  Susan Menendez, Director of Network Management for BCBSNC, will staff the Hotline and serve as a physician advocate.

This new service is a product of the ongoing work of the BCBSNC Joint Advisory Group (JAG), which was established by the 2009 Thomas/Love Settlement “to facilitate communication and cooperation between physicians and BCBSNC.”  Physician-members of the JAG voiced the need for a central point person at BCBSNC who could communicate with and assist physicians who wish to express their concerns and problems.

BCBSNC’s agreement to provide the Hotline service is an important development in efforts to improve relations between BCBSNC and physicians and their practices.  Calls to the Hotline may not always generate a different end result for physicians.  However, physicians can call the Hotline  to get a fresh look of their issue from BCBSNC.

Access the Hotline by calling (919) 765-4035, faxing (919) 765-7109, or emailing [email protected].

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