News from the AMA Meeting

The North Carolina Medical Society’s (NCMS) delegation to the AMA’s Annual Meeting held in Chicago in June, presented their report on the proceedings to the NCMS Board of Directors last month. Highlights of the meeting included:

  • An AMA policy to ensure that US Veterans have access to quality medical care outside of the VA medical facilities when needed in light of the recent revelations about long wait times for care at VA facilities.
  • The AMA House of Delegates adopted a resolution tol work with appropriate federal agencies to change national standards of controlled substance prescriptions so that such prescriptions can be transmitted electronically in a secure manner.
  • There was much discussion on issues related to the funding of graduate medical education.

NCMS members continue to hold several leadership roles at the AMA:

  • Charles Willson, MD, of Greenville, completed his 8-year term on the Council of Medical Service, serving his final year as the council’s chair.
  • Al Osbahr, MD, of Hickory, is now in his fourth year on the AMA Board of Trustees.
  • Darlyne Menscer, MD, of Charlotte, continues as a member of the Council of Medical Education and is the chair-elect.

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