PAI Proposes Partnership in Development of Multi-Payor Claims Database

The Physicians Advocacy Institute, Inc.(PAI) has asked Donald Berwick, MD, Administrator for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), for a meeting to discuss the recent CMS contract award to Ingenix Public Sector Solutions, Inc., to build and operate a multi-payor claims database (MCPD).  In a letter written October 1, 2010, PAI President and NCMS EVP, CEO Robert W. Seligson, said PAI leaders would like to provide information about the just completed Health Claims Data Warehouse (HCDW).

PAI began the Warehouse project three years ago to give physicians the ability to access via the Web information previously unavailable concerning claims they submit for payment to private insurers. Data includes adjustments that have been made to submitted claims “that may or may not comport with the underlying contract between the physician and the health plan.” PAI says this information is critical for physicians to effectively operate their practices and to provide quality care.

PAI is seeking to meet with appropriate CMS staff to provide a demonstration of the Warehouse and show how it might assist the MCPD, representing the physician’s perspective.

Click here to read the letter signed by Mr. Seligson and the PAI Board of Directors.


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