PCMH Q&A with Eastern Carolina Physicians, PA

As more collaborative care is provided throughout North Carolina, the NCMS is addressing the concerns associated with Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) implementation by working closely with practices to ensure that they are meeting the necessary requirements in becoming PCMH recognized. The follow question-and-answer session provides insight into the obstacles and accomplishments of Eastern Carolina Physicians, PA in achieving PCMH.

Q: When did your practice first become PCMH recognized?

A: Our practice became recognized as a Level I 2008 PCMH in February 2012. In June 2012, we received Level 3 recognition.

Q: What has been the most challenging aspect of becoming PCMH recognized?

A: There are many obstacles in being recognized by the National Committee for Quality Assurance (NCQA) for more patient-centered care. Those challenges include filing the proper documentation, involving all practice staff to make the process seamless and thorough, and maintaining the physician-patient relationship while implementing new measures and delivery of care.

Q: What were some of the changes that you had to make in order to become PCMH recognized?

A: Our physicians needed to change the way they interact with their patients. From the way they initially speak to a patient to how they finish the encounter is altered because they are taking care of a patient and documenting everything that is required as a PCMH. Even though it took time to adjust to this transition, our patients are now receiving improved quality care because the practice is able to document more thoroughly and provide more individualized care.

Q: As a practice, what do you hope to accomplish as a PCMH?

A: The resources offered through the NCMS really helped our practice become the best that we can be. Now, we hope to be distinguished as a quality medical practice that is proficient and cost effective.

NCMS member Gary H. Heck, DO, of Eastern Carolina Physicians, PA, and their office manager, Jennifer Russell, RN,┬ácontributed to the interview. For more information about the consulting services available through the NCMS program, PractEssential, contact Terri Gonzalez, Director of Practice Improvement, at 800-722-1350 or [email protected].

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