Physicians Foundation Survey: Nearly 80 Percent of Patients are Satisfied with Care

According to a Physicians Foundation survey, 79 percent of patients who visited primary care physicians at least once in the past year claimed that they are satisfied with the care that they received. The survey, which was conducted in July 2012, was sent to over 2,220 adults 18 years of age or older and living in the United States.

Other findings include:

  • 1,800 indicated that they have family physicians;
  • Overall satisfaction resulted¬†from personalized care, time spent with physicians, and empathy displayed by clinicians;
  • Despite the results of the survey, patients (approximately 53 percent) are considerably more pessimistic about the direction of healthcare;
  • Approximately three-quarters of participants who have family physicians said that insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies are very or completely responsible for rising healthcare costs. 55 percent feel that insurance companies are negatively impacting quality of care;
  • Participants also noted that failure to take responsibility for health issues, the cost of malpractice insurance, government, and hospitals were leading reasons behind the rising cost of healthcare.

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