Physicians Foundation Watchlist Identifies 5 Key Issues for 2012

The Physicians Foundation, a non-profit organization that seeks to advance the work of practicing physicians and improve the quality of health care for all Americans, has identified five key areas that will impact the practice of medicine in the new year. Based on research released by the Foundation earlier this year, the five issues are: 

1. Changing nature of medical practices
2. Increasing administrative burdens on practices
3. Acute shortages of primary care physicians
4. Critical need for physician leadership tools and skills
5. Ensuring patient care is not compromised

Click here to learn more about these issues and how they will affect your practice. 

“Proposed changes to our healthcare system have already significantly impacted physicians and patients,” said Lou Goodman, PhD, President of The Physicians Foundation and chief executive officer of the Texas Medical Association. “We hope the physician watch list helps to address the core issues under the new legislation and offers doctors and the healthcare community guidance on how to deliver the best care possible to patients in 2012.”

NCMS Executive Vice President and CEO Robert W. Seligson serves as Treasurer of the Physicians Foundation.

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