Physicians Need New Agreement for Medicare Electronic Funds Transfer

Palmetto GBA, theĀ incoming Medicare Administrative Contractor for North Carolina, has notified physicians and practices that a new agreement will be needed if they wish to receive Medicare payments via Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT). The notification was made in a letter sent to participating Medicare physicians on December 30, 2010. Palmetto says it wants to make the transition from the old contractor, CIGNA Government Services, as smooth as possible. However, banking regulations and CMS guidelines require that a new agreement be made with each provider to authorize Palmetto GBA to make electronic payments.

A blank agreement form (CMS-588) can be downloaded at Once the form is completed, it can be sent along with an account confirmation on bank letterhead or a voided check to: Palmetto GBA Finance, J11 EFT, Mail Code AG 260, Post Office Box 100277, Columbia, SC 29202-3277. Questions may be directed to 866-749-4301 or email [email protected].

Be sure to identify yourself as a J11 provider.


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