Pinehurst Family Care Center is Truly a Patient Home

Pinehurst FamilyDuring the past seven months, Emily Deese, NCMS Director of Member Services, has been visiting practices around the state to share the benefits and services NCMS has to offer providers.  She also listens to the needs and concerns of physicians and physician assistants to help NCMS better serve our members. Recently, she had the opportunity to visit Pinehurst Family Care Center, P.A. in their new location.

Dr. Douglas Lam, member of NCMS since 1985, worked with local architect, Robert Anderson, and was involved in the planning and design of this building.  Dr. Lam worked closely with the architect to design a patient friendly building.  During the entire 13 month process, Dr. Lam was instrumental in every step from design and selection of materials to artwork choices.  The artwork includes Dr. Lam’s personal collection of medicinal artifacts.

There are a total of six providers in the practice (Douglas Lam, M.D., John Jameson, M.D., Matthew Manzo, D.O., Susan Brassil, P.A.-C, Thomas Wilkins, P.A.-C, and Anna Kate Pruett, P.A.-C).  Each provider has their own hallway and exam rooms.  There is a common hallway for vitals, where the equipment is hooked into the EMR systems, so the statistics go right into the patient chart.  Likewise, there is a digital X-ray machine that allows for easy entry into patient records and on-site reads for patient convenience.

One of the most impressive features of the new building is how it allows natural sunlight to come in and illuminate the entire space.   The brightness is cheerful for both patients and staff.  Also, Dr. Lam was careful in choosing materials that were sustainable and easy to keep clean.  For example, all the chairs in the waiting room and sub-waiting rooms are vinyl, and the flooring, while it looks like hard wood, is actually vinyl, all for easy cleaning. 

Pinehurst Family Care Center has completed the process of becoming a patient-centered medical home, and that title is very appropriate for this practice.  The new location is truly like a home for both patients and staff, built with caring and commitment to quality healthcare.


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