Prescription for a Healthier Practice: Streamline Your Overpayment Recovery Processes

For this month’s practice checkup, streamline your overpayment recovery process by reducing manual workflows and creating efficiencies in your claims revenue cycle. Start with “Questions to consider when addressing payer overpayment recovery requests on individual claims,” and sign up for AMA Practice Management Alerts for additional helpful resources.

This tip is a part of the AMA Practice Management Center’s “Prescription for a healthier practice” series to help physicians and their staff examine how their practices are performing in key administrative processes.

For practice management assistance, the PractEssentials program provides a consulting services designed to help practices identify potential problems areas, evaluate options, and implement solutions. Consulting services are provided at a discounted fee structure for NCMS members. For more information, contact Franklin Walker at [email protected] or (800) 722-1350.


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