Staff Rounds: Your NCMS At Work For You

Events/meetings involving NCMS staff working on your behalf this week.

 Date Event/Organization Staff
3/14 Lobbyist Leadership Meeting Chip Baggett
Steve Keene
Amy Whited
Jaime King
3/14 Meeting with Legislator Chip Baggett
3/14 Eat Smart Move More Executive Committee meeting Maggie Sauer
3/14 American Congress of Obstetrics and Gynecology State Lobbyists Conference Call Alan Skipper
3/14 United Healthcare/NCMS Medicaid Conor Brockett
3/14 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery Legislative Conference Call Alan Skipper
3/14 NCMS Webinar on Accountable Care Organizations Melanie Phelps
Steve Keene
Amy Whited
Conor Brockett
Alan Skipper
3/14-17 Legislative meetings and sessions Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
3/15 Meeting with Legislator Conor Brockett
3/15 NC Quality Alliance meeting Maggie Sauer
3/15 NC Institute of Medicine Fraud and Abuse meeting Conor Brockett
3/15 RTP Orthopaedic Society meeting Alan Skipper
3/15 Carolina Coastal Health Information Exchange meeting Franklin Walker
3/15 Oncology Dispute teleconference Conor Brockett
3/15 Practice visit for Achieving Meaningful Use Demonstration Terri Gonzalez
3/16 White Coat Wednesday Amy Whited
Chip Baggett
Steve Keene
Jaime King
3/16 Meeting with Legislators Chip Baggett
3/16 Microelectronics Center of NC meeting Franklin Walker
3/16 Legislative Cabinet Meeting Steve Keene
Conor Brockett
Robert Seligson
Melanie Phelps
Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
3/17 Community Practitioner Program Practice Visit Franklin Walker
3/17 NCHEX Technical Implementation Conference Call Melanie Phelps
Terri Gonzalez
3/17 AMA Federation Update Conference Call Conor Brockett
3/17 Health Care Audit Resource Team Conor Brockett
3/17 NCAFP-NCMS Meeting on Medicaid Steve Keene
3/17-18 National Committee for Quality Assurance, NCIOM, MAHEC Conference (Asheville) Terri Gonzalez
3/18 Kate B. Reynolds Rural Health Meeting Maggie Sauer
3/18 Community Practitioner Program Visits Franklin Walker
3/18 EHR Lite training Melanie Phelps
3/18 NC Society of Eye Physicians and Surgeons Legislative Committee Alan Skipper
3/18 Physician-Hospital Issues Committee Meeting Melanie Phelps
Steve Keene
Amy Whited
3/18 Carolinas Chapter Meeting Professionals International (Greensboro) Nancy Lowe
3/18 Medicaid Innovations Webinar Chip Baggett
Amy Whited
Conor Brockett
3/18 NCMS and NC Medical Board meeting on Medical Malpractice Steve Keene
3/18 Fraud and Abuse Conference Call Conor Brockett
3/18 American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery Legislative Webinar Alan Skipper

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