Survey Findings: Young Physicians Uncertain About the Future of Health Care

According to a survey conducted by The Physicians Foundation, 57 percent of young physicians, ages 40 or younger, express uncertainties about the future of the United States healthcare system. A good portion of participating physicians cited “the new healthcare law” as the main reason for their reservations. Click here for the full research report. This survey was conducted in December 2011 and is based on responses from 500 physicians across the United States.

The survey found that nearly 49 percent of participants thought the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) would hurt their practices compared to the 23 percent who found it would have a positive impact. Only four percent were considered “highly optimistic” about these changes in healthcare. Also, 35 percent of participants conveyed that they are “highly satisfied” with their current practice arrangement naming income and cash flow as the main reason for their decision. Findings also showed that 40 percent of participants would opt to be sole owners or partners in a medical group and those practicing in a hospital setting were more likely to seek different employment sooner than those in a practice setting.

The NCMS fully understands physicians’ concerns regarding the ACA, not only for the political implications surrounding its passage but for its failure to address many issues of importance pertaining to physicians. The NCMS continues to inform its members of the advantages generated by the ACA. Visit the Toward Accountable Care area of the NCMS website for resources on the Society’s activity in helping health care professionals comply with the ACA.


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