The Forum Begins

Heather Waliga, an anchor with News 14 Carolina will be the moderator for this evening’s forum.

Carolinas Healthcare receives the first question of how they are preparing for Health System Reform. Michael Tarwater, CEO is responding and sharing information about quality improvements and pay for performance changes that are expected to follow reform.  His organization has formed several teams to address needs under reform and address gaps.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield has been working to understand the impact on its 3.7 million members in NC and healthcare delivery across the state. Maureen O’Connor stressed that many changes are happening today many of which are direct reforms to practice of insurers including coverage for adult children and focusing on preventive care. Unprecendented collaboration is needed in order to truly impact delivery and improve outcomes while reducing costs. If anyone can do it, the leadership in NC can.

Dr. Dulin is a community-based physician who provides a medical home to over 70,000 patients in his community. As a primary care provider he strives to improve quality and leverage new health information technology that will also help his patients with their healthcare needs.

NCMS CEO Bob Seligson highlighted the work that the Medical Society is doing to educate members and patients across the state about Health System Reform which include changes to the NCMS website and hosting forums such as this one.

Dr. Engel would like to remind viewers that most disease can be prevented by improving diet and changing lifestyles by giving up habits such as smoking. One of the parts of reform that seems to get lost is the focus on prevention.


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