The Latest on NCTracks — Trouble Log Report and Update

As predicted by everyone involved, the launch of the NCTracks Medicaid claims system on Monday brought frustration and thousands of calls to the NC Department of Health and Human Services and their IT contractor CSC’s help center. The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) received more than 60 online entries to our Trouble Log over the first two days. We are tracking the types of complaints and relaying these to CSC.

The majority of the complaints we have received have focused on:

  • Problems logging into the system and then, if the logon was successful, getting a recurring “NCTracks undergoing system maintenance, try again later” message. We’ve learned from CSC that the message is a default that occurs when the system is overloaded.  They have made resolving this issue their top priority.
  • Prior authorization for high tech radiology and ultrasound requests via MedSolutions is another frequently-reported problem. CSC and DMA report that this problem should be resolved by 1 p.m. today (Wednesday), if it has not been resolved already.

Please continue to log the problems you are encountering with NCTracks on the NCMS Trouble Log so we can monitor and report them to CSC.  Watch the NCMS website routinely for real-time updates on what we are hearing from CSC regarding your issues.

The NCMS Trouble Log is not a substitute for contacting CSC directly with specific issues. Please contact the NCTracks Call Center at 1-800-688-6696 with questions or technical difficulties. To cut down on wait times, callers on hold are advised to find answers to frequently asked questions on the NCTracks website (, or submit their questions via email at [email protected].

Joseph Cooper, the Chief Information Officer for NC DHHS, sent NCMS an appreciative letter Tuesday for our help in fielding complaints and working with DHHS.

“Thank you for the opportunity for us to partner with the Medical Society during the implementation phase to ensure as smooth a transition as possible for all providers statewide,” Cooper wrote to Conor Brockett, NCMS Associate General Counsel.


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