There Is Still Time to Receive Increased Medicaid Payments — Attest Now!

The NC Department of Medical Assistance (DMA) is still accepting attestations from doctors and physician assistants who provide primary care services to Medicaid patients for enhanced payment rates, NCMS has learned.  For the enhanced payments to be retroactive to January 1, 2013, qualifying Medicaid providers were originally told that they must attest by March 31, 2013.  However, DMA is reexamining that deadline and continues to allow attesting providers to receive the increased payment rates as of January 1. 

Time is short, so doctors and PAs should go to the DMA website now to see if they qualify and to self attest for the higher payments. Look at the bottom of the page where it says, “PROVIDERS NEED TO CLICK HERE TO SELF ATTEST.”

Physicians with a primary specialty designation of family medicine, general internal medicine or pediatric medicine are primary care providers. Those who render evaluation and management codes and services related to immunization administration for vaccines and toxoids for specified codes would be eligible for reimbursement.

Under the Affordable Care Act N.C. Medicaid is required to pay at the Medicare rate for certain primary care services in calendar years 2013 and 2014.


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