Two Bills Addressing State’s CON Statutes Introduced

Two bills addressing the state’s certificate of need CON statutes have been introduced at the General Assembly. HB 83, Enact CON Committee Recommendations and HB 177, Amend Certificate of Need Laws.  Both have been referred to the House Committee on Health and Human Services.

HB 83 stems from the House Select Committee on Certificate of Need recommendations released last year and includes provisions that would

  • eliminate the monetary threshold for expedited certificate of need review;
  • increase the monetary thresholds triggering certificate of need review for capital expenditures and the purchase of major medical equipment;
  • exempt replacement equipment from certificate of need review regardless of cost.

HB 177 would exempt diagnostic centers from certificate of need review and amend certificate of need laws pertaining to single-specialty ambulatory surgery operating rooms, as  recommended by the House Select Committee.

The NCMS has convened a task force made up of physicians from a variety of specialties to examine the CON laws and reach consensus on how best to benefit patients and find efficiencies in the system.


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