UnitedHealthcare Announces Change to Radiology Notification Program

The North Carolina Medical Society has been advised that UnitedHealthcare is implementing a change to the Radiology Notification Program, whereby Premium Quality and Cost Efficiency (Q&E) Designated Physicians will be required to submit prior notification for advanced imaging services effective February 15, 2010.

UnitedHealthcare says this change is based on their concern for patients who are subject to preventable radiation exposure, as well as direct feedback from practicing physicians and office managers who, while appreciating the exemption for UnitedHealth Premium® designated physicians, have also reported additional administrative complexity in managing these exemptions. Consequently, UnitedHealthcare will streamline and simplify the program for all stakeholders by having the same administrative requirements for all physicians. This recent change does not affect a physician’s current Premium Quality and Cost Efficiency designation status.  Physicians should have received communication by mail this week.

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