White Coat Wednesdays Benefit Patients and Physicians

On Wednesday mornings during the legislative session the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) hosts  “White Coat Wednesdays” inviting member physicians, physician assistants, medical residents and medical students, clad in white coats, for a brief overview of priority legislative issues that could affect their patients, practices and professional futures.

This Wednesday, over a light breakfast, NCMS government affairs staff highlighted Medicaid expansion, tax reform, patient safety and scope of practice issues, and answered questions, clarified positions and communicated concerns for the participants.  NCMS staff offered advice on one-on-one communication with legislators and tips on how to build relationships with the legislators they approach.

NCMS staff then accompanies White Coat Wednesday participants to the General Assembly where they are free to connect with legislators face-to-face on the pertinent issues. The doctors are encouraged to offer their clinical knowledge and perspective to legislators to make sure the lawmakers understand the most medically sound and effective policy. 

Legislators have come to expect and look forward to White Coat Wednesday and recognize the visual statement the doctors make working together as a white-coated group, as advocates for their patients as well as their profession.

Watch White Coat Wednesday, January 2013 and hear what former NCMS Board President Robert “Charlie” Monteiro had to say about White Coat Wednesdays and why they are important.

For more information, or to sign up to attend with your colleagues from around the state — Contact Will Barnett today at [email protected], 919-833-3836 ext. 130.


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