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The era of celebrity physicians and TV diagnoses has also spawned a generation of professional physician-bloggers, several of which sincerely stand out from the crowd with compelling questions, informed opinions, and thought-provoking perspective.

And as more and more of your patients are spending time online – often researching information specifically about healthcare and local physicians – it’s worthwhile for our NC medical students and doctors alike to consider remaining apprised today’s more popular doctor-blogs.

Here’s a snapshot of the most popular medical blogs on the Web – and if you’ve considered beginning a blog of your own to better connect with customers, these all serve as terrific reference points and examples of success.

Grunt Doc ( – A former USMC Doctor, the Grunt Doc recounts the stories – good and bad – he’s lived as attending EMD.  Thought provoking, heart-warming, enraging and at times desperately sad, Grunt Doc spares no emotion when he tells the truth about what goes on behind closed hospital doors.

KevinMD Blog ( – A primary care doc in New Hampshire, Dr. Kevin Pho offers down to earth and realistic commentary which on medical news, legislation, and hot topics his views on CPR to commentary on Medicare and H1N1.

Paging Dr. Gupta ( – No stranger to the limelight, CNN’s Dr. Gupta offers a global context for developments in medicine and healthcare.  Always an interesting perspective for NC doctors and medical students to explore.

In the Pipeline ( – Dr. David Lowe spends a great deal of time discussing drug development, the drug industry as well as looking at illnesses such as Alzheimer’s and Autism.  Standing on the forefront of drug research, he provides a valuable perspective about the pharmaceutical industry in general.

What do you find you’re reading on a daily or weekly basis?  Have you started a blog to connect with patients or share your own commentary?  Let us know.


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