3 Percent Medicaid Retroactive Rate Reduction to Begin April 23

The NC Department of Health and Human Services issued a special Bulletin to Medicaid providers last night alerting everyone that they will begin reprocessing claims incorporating the retroactive 3 percent rate reduction passed by the General Assembly in 2014. The reduced rate will be assessed back to January 2014, when it was originally to begin.

Learn the details about what this may mean for you and your practice here.

This retroactive reduction is highly unfortunate, and increases the urgency with which the North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) is working toward reform of the state’s Medicaid system.



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  • John Whalley, MD

    Please collect data for the number and type of practices, their location and affected number of patients who will stop seeing new Medicaid patients or stop participating in the program. The decision affects both primary care as well as specialists. It will have a greater impact on independent practices than system employed providers and a greater impact in rural regions of the state. CCNC can help collect this information.