Can’t Make It to the Annual Meeting? Comment Now on Proposed Reports and Resolutions

Interested in reviewing the reports and resolutions that will be brought forward in the House of Delegates at this year’s Annual Meeting?  Review the documents online now! (Note:  these files can be accessed by members only.  You will need to have a web account to review these documents; if you need assistance in creating an account or in obtaining your existing account information, contact Kristen Shipherd, [email protected].)

We want your feedback! Comment below on the specific report or resolution that you feel strongly about.


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  • Richard F. Bruch, MD

    Report I, Item 65: NCMS Conflict of Interest Policy. Page 95. line 23. Please strike the word “an”, it will then read better.

  • Richard F. Bruch, MD

    Report I, Item 9. page 48
    Medicare and Medicaid User Fees
    This should not be rescinded. North Carolina has instituted Medicaid “provider” user fees. NCMS should have policy opposing such user fees.