Contribute to the Liability Reform Effort Today

The NCMS has organized North Carolinians for Affordable Health Care (NCAHC) to execute a strategic media campaign to generate public support for medical liability reform in North Carolina and to support SB 33 Medical Liability Reforms. Opponents of the legislation are spending millions of dollars to stop reform in its tracks. We have no intention of letting the plaintiff’s lawyers stop us.

The resources directed to North Carolinians for Affordable Health Care have been used to proactively push for reform and to respond swiftly to attempts to stop reform. To communicate the facts about defensive medicine and to defend the integrity and professionalism of medicine, your help is needed. Please visit the organization’s website to view the latest messages appearing statewide and support their efforts by making a contribution today.

Watch upcoming issues of the Bulletin for the latest developments on this critical legislation. Thank you for your continued dedication to the NCMS and to the patients of North Carolina. Please consider a donation to North Carolinians for Affordable Health Care. Timing is critical and we need your support today.


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  • SAra E Allgood

    Is there a NCMS means of automating our communication with our representatives on this issue? Making connections with our representatives is a barrier to me and I feel this is is important enough to try to do so.