NC Attorney General to Address Physicians at NCMS Annual Meeting

Roy-CooperNCMS President Charlie Monteiro, MD, and the Board of Directors are concerned about the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse in North Carolina. One of Dr. Monteiro’s goals for his year as NCMS President is to educate colleagues about efforts taking place in North Carolina to address this public health crisis. At Dr. Monteiro’s invitation, North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper will address the medical community about resources available to them, including the Controlled Substance Reporting System (CSRS), prescription drug “take back” events, and training for law enforcement and healthcare providers.

The educational session, entitled “The Epidemic of Prescription Drug Abuse” will take place on Friday, October 26, 2012, at the Raleigh Marriott City Center, from 2:00-4:00 pm, as part of the NCMS Annual Meeting and House of Delegates. Other session speakers include Scott Kirby, MD, Medical Director at the NC Medical Board, who will give some background on some of the cases the Medical Board has reviewed regarding physician prescribing, documentation requirements, and expectations regarding patient assessment. Fred Brason, Executive Director of Project Lazarus, will highlight community-based efforts to prevent overdoses from the Community Care Chronic Pain Initiative. The session will be moderated by Anthony Caprio, MD, Chairman of NCMS Opioid Task Force.

On Saturday, October 27 from 2:30-4:30 pm, a session entitled “Value-Driven Healthcare” will focus on accountable care models and physician leadership. Grace Terrell, MD, President and CEO at Cornerstone Healthcare, will lead a discussion on how North Carolina practices are taking the lead in implementing accountable care models.

For more information on these events, download a registration brochure now (PDF- 12 pages).

As previously reported in the Bulletin, the 2012 Annual Meeting has been redesigned to provide members more opportunity to participate remotely and to learn and engage with colleagues at the meeting.  Annual Meeting modifications include:

  • Shortening the meeting to two days instead of three to accommodate physicians’ time;
  • Conducting HOD business and debate online prior to the meeting. Click here to learn more about the HOD’s online reference committees;
  • Holding a brief HOD meeting on Friday to streamline business; and
  • Abbreviating policy decision-making on Saturday.

See the Bulletin article below on how to submit resolutions for member consideration. For hotel information, click here. The NCMS also will provide a list of attractions for members and their families to enjoy while visiting Raleigh. Brochures for 2012 NCMS Annual Meeting will be sent to members via mail in the coming weeks. More information about the meeting can be found here.


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  • Greg Motley

    Problem is very clear! Solutions are not. I see so many younger and younger significantly over weight patients that have progressive multijoint DJD who are told “to exercise” and wear joints out only quicker. They are in real pain and there is no solid strategic alternatives that allow these type of patients to work, function personally and try to “exercise” to remove weight to improve their quality of life and delay total joint replacement. Using “all” alternatives including NSAIDs, injections, PT, pool therapy, braces, ect… Eventually loose effectiveness and “pain relief” is what the are requesting. New literature shows increased complication rates in Total joint arthroplasty in obese patients 30%. MD’s are afraid to treat pain because of this current topic and fear of consequences but no obvious good answer. I hope the board will spend some time on this problem from patient pain solutions that meet our medical responsibilities but also create solutions MDs in the field can use to help patients with pain that are backed into their only option which is go to the ER “in pain” and they are treated but what do MDs do when they follow up with you and they are in pain and not “surgical” candidates????