NC Medical Board Votes Down Special Purpose License for Administrative Medicine

The North Carolina Medical Board decided last week not to pursue the creation of a Special Purpose License for Administrative Medicine, after holding a public meeting on March 16 and receiving written and oral comments received from interested parties, including the NCMS. This means those intending to practice “administrative medicine” must continue to satisfy the requirements for a full license.

One of those requirements is a reentry program if the applicant has “not actively practiced medicine or practiced as a physician assistant, or having not maintained continued competency, as determined by the Board, for the two-year period immediately preceding the filing of an application . . .” G.S. 90-14(a)(11a). 

However, the Board has stated that they believe an applicant may satisfy this requirement by actively practicing administrative medicine for the two years preceding the filing of an application.  If so, he or she might not need to undergo a reentry program as a condition of licensure.  Whether the applicant is required to complete a reentry program will depend on the type of work the physician has been doing, how long the applicant has been out of practice, and what type of medicine the physician intends to practice as determined by the NC Medical Board.

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  • James F. Nolan, MD

    This is a good thing as a number of CMO’s at Cape Fear Medical Center were reportedly not
    licensed in North Carolina, yet involved in
    medical decision making. I hope that the present CMO, Dr. Taylor has a license. If not that is something I leave to the Board to address.