NCMB Website Now Offers CSRS Registration

MD’s, DO’s, and PA’s can now register for the North Carolina Controlled Substances Reporting System (CSRS) through the North Carolina Medical Board’s website. This is available 24/7.

Just go to the Medical Board website and look under the “Quick Links” menu, click on the second option “Update Licensee Info Page.”  Scroll down to the bottom of this page and sign in using your File ID# and date of birth (DOB). If you have forgotten your File ID#, just click the box that says “Recover File ID” to retrieve this information. All you need to retrieve this is the last four numbers of your social security number and your DOB.

Once you have successfully logged into the licensee page, look for the menu option “Training and CSRS.” Once you click this option scroll down to the section on the CSRS. There will be a blue “Click Here” button to register for the NC CSRS. Just fill out the required information and submit. Your application should be processed within two weeks and you will receive an email confirmation once you have access to the database. If you do not receive an email after two weeks please contact the CSRS office at 919-733-1765 and speak with Nilam Patel or John Womble.


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  • kerry willis md

    This is an excellent source for ending drug diversion from your practice. Staff are allowed to use the website to obtain reports. Be sure they only use it to obtain information concerning your patients and read the terms of use documents to them.
    The system is invaluable in treating patients with Chronic pain to ensure that Patients who need medicines get them and that drugs are diverted from your practice and sold by abusers.
    Development of a comprehensive program using in office drug screens and this system will go a long way to limiting diversion from your practice.

  • Charles Davant, MD

    I use the site regularly and find it sometimes very interesting, indeed. Is it possible for staff you use it?