NCMS Helps Members Navigate NC Tracks

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) encourages practices to log their continuing problems with the new NC Tracks Medicaid claims system on our Trouble Log. Since the new system went live on July 1, 2013, approximately 244 entries have been made on the log.

Working with the NC Medical Group Managers, Carol Steckel, NC Medicaid Director, and other officials at the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and CSC, the IT company responsible for the new system, NCMS staff has effectively resolved problems gleaned from the log and from phone calls to our Member Resource Center (919-833-3836 X142).

DHHS also announced on Friday it would issue paper checks to practices that had unpaid claims due to missing or incomplete Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) information.

If your claims are pending, and not paying, and you see 901 PROVIDER NOT ENROLLED IN EFT, you need to add your checking account information to NCTracks so that you can be paid. You can do so online at From the Home page, click the Providers tab, then click the Currently Enrolled Provider (CEP) Registration link on the left. Or call 1-800-688-6696 for in-person assistance. Changes will take a minimum of four business days to process.

Providers whose claims are pended due solely to missing bank account information will be mailed paper checks in the next checkwrite. Checks will be printed and mailed to almost 1,119 providers beginning Wednesday, July 31. The paper checks are a one-time exception to electronic funds transfer (EFT), and providers must submit EFT information before the next checkwrite to ensure future payments.

Taxonomy codes still appear to be the biggest issue for many providers, and to remedy this problem,  CSC offered a live webinar on the proper use of taxonomy codes in the new system last Friday. An estimated 80 medical group managers participated and many had their individual practice issues resolved in real time as part of the webinar. CSC has said it plans to hold other sessions like this in the coming week. Watch the NCMS website for information on these sessions.


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  • william shipley, m.d.

    Thank you NCMS for helping us with this NCTracks debacle. Here it is one full month since it came online and our group has yet to receive a single dollar reimbursement for our provided care to Medicaid patients. They sure did a horrendous job of explaining that taxonomy thing, didn’t they?