NCMS Monitors Trends in NCTracks Problems

As noted in recent NCMS Bulletin editions, the NC Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) and CSC, the firm overseeing the implementation of the new Medicaid claims system, are working 24/7 to make the transition to NCTracks as smooth as possible and have already fixed some of the initial problems practices were facing beginning July 1.

As a result of the Trouble Log the NCMS set up for providers to document their NCTracks issues, we have been able to track these issues and work with CSC directly to correct them. Many initial complaints centered on NCTracks access issues such as the inability to login to the system or progress past certain online steps due to system timeouts or page misdirections. It appears that these issues have been largely resolved.

The second and third weeks of NCTracks showed a rise in complaints regarding call wait times when holding for a call center representative as well as an increase in issues related to incorrect taxonomy codes. Providers have also expressed frustration over the system’s incorrect assignments of user roles to staff members and the difficulty in obtaining prior approvals.

To help us understand your NCTracks experiences and issues, fill out an NCMS Trouble Log report on our website. Doing so enables the NCMS staff to pick out patterns of problems to relay to CSC for correction. DHHS Chief Information Officer Joe Cooper expressed his department’s appreciation for our help in a letter to Conor Brockett, NCMS Associate General Counsel on July 2.

Providers are encouraged to contact CSC’s Call Center directly at 1-800-688-6696 for correction of their specific complaint, and to log it on the NCMS Trouble Log, so we are able to aggregate the most common issues and report them as a group to CSC. Many thanks to those physicians and practice staff who have taken the time to utilize the NCMS NCTracks Trouble Log, as this feedback has been crucial to resolving common problems.


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  • As of today (7/25/2013) we received out RA and it contained 102 pages of a denial of “charges exceed reasonable and customary amount”. We at this point do not know what to do next. Call center is “unavailable at this time , please call back”.

  • When we file for the glasses, the box that we are suppose to put the prescription and the frame information in, can not be edited to do that. Our Medicaid and NC Health Choice patient’s Parents are getting frustrated about this problem.

    We are trying to do what we can to help the patients out, but the major of the families are on a fixed income due to a number of reasons.

    This problem really needs to be fixed so that these patients can get their glasses before the school year starts at the end of August.

  • Sandra Brown

    If there are only 220 complaints our brethren are willing to whine but not to take the time to log a formal description of the problem in the Trouble Log. We could generate 220 separate complaints just based on our one practice. I know we have logged many, and also contacted our state representative.

    To anyone reading this, if you have NOT logged a complaint in the Trouble Log either you don’t take medicaid, have no clue what is going on in your business office, or are just plain lazy in which case you deserve your $1 per claim that another practice is getting paid.