North Carolina Medical Board Holds Meeting to Discuss Special Purpose License for Administrative Medicine

The North Carolina Medical Board held a meeting on Tuesday, March 16, 2010 to discuss the potential creation of a Special Purpose License for Administrative Medicine.   Physicians who need a North Carolina medical license to work in non-clinical positions would be eligible to apply for this license type, including hospital executives, medical directors, and physicians who perform non-certification work for health insurers, pursuant to N.C. Gen. Stat. 58-50-61(d). Any physician holding an administrative license would be unable to practice clinical medicine and would have no prescriptive authority.

The NCMS will keep you updated of Board action on this item and future meeting dates that may be announced.  Your thoughts on this proposed license?


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  • David S. Thomas, MD

    A two tier system is not only inappropriate for the above stated reasons but confusing. It is just an incremental effort to devalue the normal licensure process because such administrative license would begin to carry the weight of a regular licensure without the rigorous criteria and process.

  • Harvey Estes

    Add my name to those opposed to this idea. If a current holder of a NC license cannot meet the requirements for retention of that license, that person does not deserve the benefit of the license. Those applying for the first time should not have a less rigorous path for a license. The value of the license rests on the ability of the holder to relate to the work of a practicing physician. This special license seems to be counter to this benefit. There is nothing wrong with holding an administrative position and NOT holding a medical license. Claiming to be a licensed physician and NOT meeting the requirements all the rest of the profession must meet seems to be a negative step. Thanks.

  • Robert A. Appel, MD

    This is a bad idea. The standard for someone with oversight of physicians shouldn’t be lower than that for the governed. It’s relatively painless for a physician in good standing to obtain a license in NC. Let’s not devalue it further.

  • Leon Morrison, MD

    This would be a very positive step by the NCMB. I am a VPMA and could benefit by this category. Please move forward with implementing this new License…

  • carol wadon

    It seems to me the whole point of having a physician in an administrative position is to allow them to draw on their clinical experience to create a liaison between administrators and medical staff. Administrative medicine seems more of a contradiction in terms in many cases.