Palmetto GBA to Physicians: Wait Until You Hear from Us Before You Re-Enroll

The Medicare Administrative Contractor (MAC) for Part B in North Carolina, Palmetto GBA, is instructing physicians and other Medicare providers not to submit re-enrollment (now termed “revalidation”) documentation until first notified by Palmetto GBA. Providers and suppliers who enrolled in the Medicare program prior to March 25, 2011 must submit enrollment information so they can be revalidated, as required under new risk screening criteria in the federal health care reform law. Palmetto says revalidation notices will be sent between now and March 2013.  Physicians and other Medicare providers who enrolled on or after March 25, 2011 have already met the requirement.


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  • Jose A. Bardelas

    Who picked them-Awful Service. Do they have a toll free number and a NC office for questions re claims or policies. Their policies are different .Web miss Cigna