Physicians Acknowledge Monumental Efforts to Pass SB 33

Comments continued on the NCMS Doctor to Doctor blog today as physicians reacted to the news that Senate Bill 33 Medical Liability Reforms became law on July 25. Click here to offer your comments.

Teamwork and collaboration were noted by NCMS member Walter Wright, PhD, MD, Kinston.  “Hope we learned that if we hang together, we won’t hang separately. Now if we maintain the togetherness while we work out our relationships with ACOs, we really will have accomplished something good for the future. Thanks to the NCMS staff.”

“Great news,” wrote David Mertz MD, Burlington, who was among the first to learn that the Governor’s veto had been successfully overridden by the NC House late Monday evening.

“Way to go NCMS ‘Super Heroes’! You have demonstrated the power of organized medicine,” penned NCMS Board member Robert Yapundich, MD, Hickory.

Past NCMS Board member William Johnstone, MD, Pinehurst, emailed, “I want to express my deepest appreciation to all of you for the efforts of NCMS staff and their successful fight to achieve tort reform for the doctors and patients of NC. I know you all worked tirelessly and would not accept failure. It is a tribute to your integrity, commitment and dedication to what and who you represent! I have been involved with attempts at tort reform in the past but never have I seen such a coordinated effort of medicine, hospitals and industry. A masterful plan! Again, please accept my most heartfelt thanks for a job well done!”

“Professionalism and courtesy shown by all the NCMS staff as they worked diligently to communicate, educate and encourage physicians to get the word out even before the override issue,” commented Edward Plyler, MD, Morganton. “The people of NC have spoken as well. Now we need to educate our patients and friends how this TORT REFORM helps all! Be sure to thank our legislators.”

Comments come from across the state:

“Congratulations to all at the NCMS. We first started this quest in 1975!!!,” Tom O’Brien, MD, Washington.

“Wonderful news. Great job everyone,” Robert Hollingsworth, DHSc, PA-C, Red Springs.

“Kudos. Job well done,” Jeff Segal, MD, Greensboro

“Thanks to the legislators who made this possible!,” Sarah Olenick, MD, Whitsett.

“Great news! Lots of hard work by NCMS and Bob Seligson and staff,” Rakesh Gupta, MD, Fayetteville.

“Finally common sense prevails! Great job!!!!!,” Earl Cummings, PA-C, Lumberton.

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    Congratulations to all who participated in this monumental achievement.
    Especially the NCMS officers and Chip Bagett.