Primary care Provider contract by major insurers, like BCBS, MedCost, Cigna, Aetna etc…

Why all these insurers wants to pay us less and less for services but wants more of our services in return? There is no way a Primary care practice can survive with such a low reimbursement.

Do they believe that ALL primary care physicians are stupid and has no business sense? Just think of few possibilities and What would happen  if….

1. Most PCP/MD’s decide to get out of these networks.

2. See  those patients as a cash only basis. 

3. Send  ALL patients to Hospital ER for xrays, EKG’s and Labs?

4. Refer all patients with a minor complaints to a different specialists? 

They must treat us right now  or  OBAMA’S Public Option will put these executives in an unemployment line without any health insurance benefits in next 2 years.


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