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Physicians and media filled the NCMS auditorium today for a 90-minute forum on health care system reform with U.S. Senator Richard Burr (R, NC). Senator Burr cited three key elements he would like to see in health care reform legislation:

  • Everyone is covered to eliminate cost-shifting, with portability to allow people to keep their insurance when they move from one employer to another.
  • Emphasis is on prevention, wellness and chronic disease management, which offer long-term savings.
  • The plan must be fiscally sustainable with an overall goal of bringing down health care costs.

“This will be the single most important issue I deal with in my career in Washington,” Burr said. Asked about current legislation, Burr said he vehemently opposed current bills as they now stand before Congress.

Burr said he and Senator Tom Coburn, MD (R, Oklahoma) have worked on legislation to ensure that there is a medical home for everyone in America, particularly in rural areas where Burr believes current legislation falls short. He encouraged physicians to stay engaged in the debate and to voice ideas and concerns they may have. Burr also touched on the need for tort reform saying federal legislation needs to provide enticements so that all states adopt reform measures. Currently ten out of the 50 states have enacted reform legislation.

The forum was organized by the NCMS to give physician leaders an opportunity to voice their concerns and ask questions.

For a complete break down of the day’s events, view the Doctor-to-Doctor blog.


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