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Dr. Jeremy Pyle helps young physicians understand what they don’t know…

“We spend years learning our profession and not a single hour on real-life matters.”
Jeremy Pyle, MD – plastic surgeon from Raleigh

The North Carolina Medical Society (NCMS) understands that those just entering the profession have a unique set of concerns – whether around negotiating a contract with a hospital network or financial planning matters. Dr. Jeremy Pyle decided as part of his Leadership College project to help his fellow young physicians by designing a series of informational training videos to help them navigate the real-life situations that impact their quality of life.

“I think the Society is interested in improving our lives as physicians,” he says. “Being a good physician is certainly its own reward. But it would be nice as well to be an expert on financial and legal aspects that have a lifetime of impact on our careers.”

To check out the Pyle Files videos, visit the NCMS Young Physician Section’s webpage.



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