Resolution 1: Joining Forces Initiative

Introduced by: George L. Bradley, DO – Delegate, Gaston County Medical Society

Referred to: Reference Committee No. 1 – Timothy M. Beittel, MD, Chair

WHEREAS, one percent of Americans choose to serve our nation which may frequently put them in harm’s way as they defend freedom; and

WHEREAS, after more than 10 years of wars, nearly 50,000 of our military members have been visibly wounded; and

WHEREAS, post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury have impacted roughly 1 in 6 of our veterans and represent the invisible wounds, which are the signature of our wars in Iraq and Afghanistan; and

WHEREAS, both our visibly and invisibly wounded warriors carry burdens that also impact their families; and

WHEREAS, First Lady Michelle Obama announced a commitment from America’s medical colleges, led by the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) to support our veterans and military families by committing to train students in treating brain injuries PTSD and other mental health issues affecting returning service members; therefore be it

RESOLVED, That the North Carolina Medical Society supports North Carolina medical colleges and the Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) curriculum to prepare medical students to care for the unique issues our returning veterans and their families face. (policy)

Fiscal Note: No additional funding above current resources estimated. Current resources will be allocated based on the priorities of the Society and the NCMS budget.

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  • freeman jackson

    I support this initiative

  • Sandra Brown MD

    I’m not sure the Society needs to get involved in this process. I suppose we can give moral support which seems to be the intent of the resolution. I suggest removing the contemporaneous reference to the current First Lady and finding some other way to phrase this sentence (remembering that these resolutions are maintained indefinitely in our records).

  • Robert Monteiro, MD

    This is an issue facing physicians out in practice now. I would recommend language in support of CME training for those of us out in the community as well as training for medical students.

  • Joseph Inglefield

    This training is needed and could even be expanded to other physicians who will need training in this problem which will be with us for a very long time. Interaction, collaboration with our VA hospitals and clinics is needed as well to provide better care for our returning service members.