Update on Medicare Claims Processing for June 2010

The AMA today issued a statement to clarify conflicting reports about how Medicare claims for services since June 1 are being paid.  Here is the text of their update:

It has been brought to our attention that physicians may have received conflicting reports about how Medicare claims for services provided on or after June 1, 2010, will be processed since Congress failed to send legislation to the President in time to avert implementation of the scheduled 21 percent payment cut. The AMA checked again today (June 21, 2010) with senior officials at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and physician claims submitted for services provided in June are, in fact, being processed under the reduced payment rate on a rolling, first in/ first out basis. In other words, claims submitted earliest are now being paid at the reduced rate, while newer claims will continue to be held for a ten-day period until the President is able to sign legislation into law.

We still anticipate that whatever legislation is passed will apply retroactively to all services provided since June 1, and that claims that have already been processed will be adjusted automatically without physicians having to resubmit them.

We expect Congress to resolve the issue before the end of the week, and will keep you updated on new developments.

The NCMS is in daily contact with the NC Congressional Delegation and will be posting updates on this important issue on the Doctor-to-Doctor blog and in the Bulletin.


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  • kerry willis

    The AMA leadershuip that allowed heathcare reform to proceed with their endorsement as well as the AAFP,ACP etc who endorsed and allowed the SGR fix to be dropped shoul all resign from their offices. The ‘we’ll fix it later approach” hasn’t served patients or Physicians in the past and have created an untenable mess currently. A seat at the table isn’t worth the price we have paid for them to sit and get poor results