AMA President J. James Rohack, MD, posts video in support of health reform House Bill 3200

View the video here.


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  • karl fields, MD

    I am glad to see the AMA support health care reform. They do not go far enough for me as I feel a public option is absolutely essential to keep the health insurance industry honest. I also believe that the bill should require simplification of the coverage description to all our patients so they can understand what coverage they do have.
    We must find a way to cover 47 million uninsured citizens if we are to claim we have a health care system that compares favorably with other developed nations. These uninsured are a burden on everyone who pays for health insurance.
    This means that all major players – insurance, pharmaceuticals, hospitals and even doctors will have to make some sacrifices of profit. This is critical if we are to pay for this expensive endeavour without pushing the nation’s deficit even higher.

  • Dan Hagler MD

    “Let me be clear” to quote Dr. Rohack. There is no way you did a careful analysis of this bill, and there is no way the AMA leadership should have endorsed it. I will not renew my AMA membership after 25 years.